Emotion Regulation

Does your child need help managing angry outbursts, impulsivity, or feelings of anxiety or sadness?


Psychological Processes

Emotion regulation refers to a set of psychological processes that respond to emotional cues in a situation and produce an emotional response.  Emotional responses include how people feel, how their bodies react, and how they show emotion.
Maladaptive emotion regulation processes may result in a variety of responses such as angry outbursts, impulsivity, or feelings of anxiety or depression.

Our Approach

We use cognitive, affective, and behavioral interventions to change maladaptive emotion regulation processes.

  • Cognitive interventions concentrate on the thought processes during emotion regulation process and the development of problem-solving skills.
  • Affective interventions target emotional triggers of maladaptive emotion regulation and the development of coping skills.
  • Behavioral interventions focus on how to address behaviors resulting from maladaptive emotion regulation (e.g., how to avoid angry outbursts).