Gifted Evaluations

 Are you looking for an assessment of your child’s exceptional abilities?


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We evaluate children who are thought to be gifted and talented with multiple measures that document their unique thinking skills, creativity, problem-solving abilities, motivation, and academic achievement.

The Evaluation Process


Step 1

We begin an evaluation with a review of records and an intake interview with you to collect background information regarding your child’s developmental, medical, and social histories.  We discuss your child’s academic history in detail, with focusing on your child’s learning style, motivation, and special talents your child may have.

Step 2

Next, generally we utilize a test of cognitive abilities that provides a measure of your child’s overall intelligence (IQ).  We then complete an assessment of academic achievement that may include a core battery.

Step 3

We conduct formal and informal assessments of exceptional abilities such as creativity, curiosity, symbolic play, motivation, leadership, and problem-solving.


Step 4

Your child participates in a clinical interview and completes measures of social, emotional, and behavioral functioning.  Depending on the findings of these measures, additional psychological testing may be recommended.

Step 5

Finally, we integrate and summarize results from testing, rating scales, and interviews in a comprehensive report.  Because every assessment battery is individualized for each child, we provide an in-depth description of any characteristics of giftedness or exceptional abilities and specific recommendations based on your child’s unique pattern of strengths and weaknesses.

Step 6

We then meet with you for a feedback session to explain the findings and real-world implications of the results, including whether or not your child may benefit from an advanced curriculum.  We are available to consult with your child’s school personnel regarding the findings.