Social Skills

Could your child use extra assistance when interacting with peers or adults?


Better Equipped

Children with better social skills tend to fare better in relationships, school, and generally facing life’s challenges as compared to children with social difficulties.

We seek to help your child develop and utilize the following social skills:

Interpersonal communication

(e.g., smiling, making eye contact, listening, maintaining conversation)

Entry or approach skills

(e.g., joining a conversation or activity in progress)

Friendship development and maintenance

(e.g., sharing, taking turns, resolving conflict, showing affection appropriately)

Emotions identification

(e.g., identifying personal emotions experienced during social interactions, identifying emotions in others)

Bullying prevention and assertiveness training

(e.g., responding to negative interactions, declining to engage in socially inappropriate behavior)


Tailored for You

We offer individual treatment that focuses on your child’s specific needs.  Periodically, we offer social skills groups comprised of children of similar ages with similar needs.  Please contact us for additional information about our next social skills group.