Selecting the Right Mental Health Provider


Let us help

Choosing the right mental health provider can feel overwhelming at times.  We’re happy to answer your questions to determine if we are a good match for your needs.  Please call Westfield Mental Health Specialists at (908) 264-2454 or complete this form to request an appointment.  When we speak with you, we will discuss your concerns, determine the types of services that you are seeking, and whether we are able to provide those services.   If we are not able to provide services, we will give you referrals to other service providers.  We will be happy to answer questions concerning rates and out-of-network reimbursement at that time.   Office  

        [gn_note color=”#d8e9fc”] Are you looking for mental health services for your child? You might want to read Choosing a Mental Health Professional for Your Child: Who, What, When, Where Why and How by Glenn S. Hirsch, MD, published by the NYU Child Study Center.

Are you curious about what a mental health provider might think of you?   You might want to read What a Psychologist Really Thinks About You by Stephanie Smith, PsyD. [/gn_note]

What to expect at your first appointment

To help us assess how we can best serve you, we will talk about what led you to seek treatment and what you hope to gain from working with us.  We will ask you a variety of questions regarding how you or your child currently functions socially, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically or vocationally (if applicable).  We will discuss your or your child’s developmental, medical, and psychiatric history.
During this time, you will have a chance to learn more about our practice and get a sense of how we work together.  At the conclusion of the session, we will provide recommendations that may include engaging in our services or a referral to other service providers.  If we engage in treatment, we will continue to discuss, assess, and refine how we are meeting your treatment goals.

Preparing for your first appointment

If you have information such as previous evaluations, school records, or court or other documents that you believe may help us serve you better, please bring copies to your first session or fax them to (908) 603-8794.