Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder is often confused with rapid mood swings that some people experience on a daily basis.


Shifting Moods

People who complain of feeling happy one second, then angry then next, then sad and tearful after that may feel that they are “bipolar” because their mood is constantly shifting from one extreme to another.  However, this description is not clinical bipolar disorder and requires an entirely different treatment regimen.

Manic Episodes

Individuals suffering from bipolar disorder experience severe depressions lasting weeks to months.  However, the defining feature of bipolar disorder is mania, or a manic episode.  Mania is thought of as the opposite of depression.  It is a distinct change in mood from normal baseline to “severe” happiness.  People in the throes of mania, often feel so good despite what is happening in the reality of their lives.  True mania lasts at least seven days and must be such a drastic change from your normal mood that friends and family start to be concerned about your wellbeing.

Obtaining Accurate Diagnosis

If you are concerned that you may have a bipolar disorder, it is very important to obtain an accurate diagnosis.  Our diagnosing procedure may include an interview, a physical examination, or lab tests to rule out other physical illnesses that may be masquerading as mental illness.  If the diagnosis of a bipolar disorder is confirmed, we offer treatments that include psychotherapy and medication with a focus on helping you lead a rich and fulfilling life.