Developmental Disabilities

Growing up with Developmental Disabilities and/or Intellectual Impairment places an undue burden of stress that most individuals and families do not have struggle with.


Impaired Communication

Social cues and verbal communication are all too often impaired, leading to seemingly unprovoked outbursts of anger, rage, panic, depression, and self-injurious behaviors, all in an effort to convey emotional and physical distress for the patient.

Our Expertise

Our Specialists at Westfield Mental Health have trained in the only specialized in-patient unit for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities who are also experiencing serious mental illness in crisis in the state of New Jersey through the Division of Developmental Disabilities.  Our expertise in the prudent use of appropriate medications to help stabilize patients in crisis and then slowly taper the medications is the mainstay of treatment.

You Are Not Alone

We also recognize the impact and stress that raising a child with developmental disabilities brings to the family dynamic relationship as a whole.  Depression and anxiety for caregivers and family members tends to be more prevalent than the general population.  As a parent, you’re allowed to feel depressed and overwhelmed in raising a child with special needs.  Just as the adage goes, “Physician, heal thyself” will lead to healthier patient outcomes, an emotionally healthy parent will lead to emotionally healthier children and parent-child interactions.