Medically Complex Psychiatric Cases

Have you been visiting doctor after doctor, but no one seems to be able to treat all of your symptoms?


A Typical Story

Here is a story of a typical patient.  Mr. Smith sees a primary care doctor for his annual physical.  In addition, he also sees a gastroenterologist for his acid reflux, a cardiologist for his hypertension, an endocrinologist for his underactive thyroid, a pulmonologist for his asthma, and a rheumatologist for his arthritis.
Mr. Smith has been complaining of fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, headaches, back pain, and irritability.  He visits specialist after specialist without anybody focusing on the big picture.  Mr. Smith needs the help and expertise of a uniquely trained physician, one who can fit ALL of the puzzle pieces together.

Dr. Cunningham

As an internist certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and a psychiatrist certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Dr. Cunningham possess a very unique set of skills.  As an internist, he is knowledgeable about all of Mr. Smith’s illnesses and potential medications.  As a psychiatrist, he is knowledgeable about Mr. Smith’s potential mental illness and emotional well-being. Dr. Cunningham can help Mr. Smith understand his illnesses and the side effects of his different medications.  He can help Mr. Smith tease apart which part of his signs and symptoms are side effects from his current medications or as a result of his physical illnesses or from undiagnosed depression.  Dr. Cunningham is uniquely trained to treat Mr. Smith’s physical and mental conditions.